Thursday, 11 November 2010


Plyometrics is a form of training where you destroy your muscle fibers and they repair stronger. Plyometrics is used by a range of different sports. The areas where it affected us was our legs, shoulders and calf's. In the first station we were asked to jump over benches which was destroying the fibres in our quadriceps. The second station we were asked to do press ups but on spring boards. third station we were asked to bunny hop whilst holding a medicine ball. FFourth station we were asked to jump in an out over hurdles and the fifth and final station we were jumping off a spring board trying to clear a box then we had to jump over a 3 story box then a 2 story. this was only a short period of time each stage lasted for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
After a few days of this training session we started to experience called "DOMS" which means Delayed onset of muscle soreness. This soreness comes from your muscle fibres trying to repair themselves.   the rest period of 30 seconds. This training session wasn't supposed to be hard and tiring  you were supposed to be fresh for every stage of the session. Therefore this session is not tiring it is easy but after 2-3 days you will be feeling the onset of "DOMS".

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