Monday, 31 October 2011

peactical sport

In this assignment i will be analysing the rules of badminton. Badminton is a ratchet sport which can involve either 2 or 4 people, the objective of badminton is to score as many points as possible than your opponent or opponents. The rule that i will criticising will be the rule on serving. The serving rule changes, in a doubles game the court becomes short and wide but in a singles game the court is long and thin.

In my opinion i think that this rule confuses beginners of the sport and perhaps experience players. In a doubles game the court becomes to wide and not long enough forcing the players to get frustrated. In a singles game the court becomes to long and not wide enough. To spot this confusion i think that the serving area for doubles should be the same serving area for singles just to make it easier for people watching or learning the sport what to do.

Those techniques of serving can both be used in singles and doubles games. With the serving rule, in my opinion it should be changed to make it more easier and more understandable for people watching and playing the game. Although in my opinion i think that they should be changed it is highly unlikealy that they will not get changed due to the amount of badminton played around the world. Also the fact that the rule hasnt been changed befor so its unlikely that they will change it due to players adapting to the new rules. I think aswell if the rule was changed that the games would become more flowing and a quicker faster game would become more apparent.

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