Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cardio vascular circuit training.

Cardio Vascular Circuit Training.

The circuit training we did, was a cardio vascular circuit training - that means it was continuous. we worked for 20minutes straight. we were in partners, one of us was doing the circuit while our partner was running 2 laps of the sports hall.. once they had run the 2 laps we swapped over which meant i would run the 2laps while my partner was doing the circuit.

the 10 stations were :
  1. V.sits
  2. overhead squats
  3. press ups
  4. skip/double under
  5. kettle bell swings
  6. burpee
  7. triceps dip
  8. back extension
  9. bench run
  10. static press up hold


The advantages of doing this circuit training were that we weren't repeating the same things, we changed our workout every time our partner done 2 laps. which meant we didn't get bored of doing it - Tedium.


The disadvantages of doing this circuit training meant we had a lot of equipment which we had to get out and put away.. which wasted time a bit.

The equipment we used were :
  • kettle bells
  • benches
  • mats
  • skipping ropes

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