Thursday, 2 December 2010

speed training - interval training

There are many different ways of training that can help improve your speed. Plyometrics and PNF training are ways of helping you become faster. Speed interval training can also help improve your speed.
We practised this method of training to get an idea of how you can do a training session to help you become faster. During this session we did 8x10m, 6x20m, 4x40m and 2x60m after doing a full warm up, drills and practising technique. The main part of this session was done at maximal effort and so that we could work to our maximal potential we had a recovery of approximately 30-45 seconds.
This type of training targets the fast twitch fibres in your muscles which contract quickly but rapidly get tired.
This type of training session can be changed to work the components of fitness that you need to work on but it is best for improving speed.

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